A friend of mine from Philadelphia has been sending out a list of questions each week to test our knowledge on movies, shows and other fun topics. The goal is to keep family and friends connected and our minds working during these challenging times.  Depending on the complexity of the topic/questions, she gives us a few days to  send back the answers. She then tabulates the answers and announces a winner. It has been fun, engaging and we are all learning things.  This week’s email really struck a chord with me as it gives a glimpse into who we are as people and what simple things we are missing during these challenging times.

I asked my friend if I could share the responses in this week’s post and she agreed. This weeks  question was What’s the first thing You’ll do when things go back to “normal”? Take a few minutes and review the answers. Once done, tell me what the first things is that YOU will do when things go back to ‘normal’? Enjoy

  • Hug my grandkids – whether they want me to or not
  • Buy a bottle of Champagne…celebrate!!
  • Riding on our son’s boat, with our family, ‘flying’ over the ocean with nothing to see but ocean, sun, and sky for miles, and miles around us.  A testament to God’s majesty
  • Put my toes in the sand and ocean
  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Lunch with former employees/friends. Have not seen them in a while. Maybe a cruise with my wife, only if it’s safe.
  • Go to church
  • After hugging family….First, start up kitten adoptions, then go camping!
  • Go out to a nice restaurant
  • Go on the planned vacation that was cancelled
  • Go to Mass live!
  • Have dinner in a restaurant
  • First thing I would like to do, beside hug and kiss the grands, is also to see rest of my family. Sons who live away, sisters, in-laws etc.  Then get a haircut.  Though I was thinking how long I could let it grow, until it really gets on my nerves.
  • Shopping other than for food. Plants, Clothes, Shoes, New Carpet for my master bedroom!
  • Go out for dinner
  • The number 1 thing I want to do when we are released from captivity is to get into the Pool and do my water aerobics.
  • Take a ride to the shore and walk along the Beach.
  • Going to NYC for the day with friends or family to have a nice Italian lunch of baked ravioli and meatballs at Tony’s Di Napoli followed by seeing whatever the top show is on Broadway
  • Get on a train to Paris and sit at an outside table of a bar in the sunshine with a glass of burgundy, a plate of charcuterie and a fresh baguette.(this is from a British friend in London)
  • I want to go on a photography trip to the parks in the area. (Friend in Missouri)
  • Well , aside from gathering with loved ones, I guess I would like to have my hair salon appointment
  • Hair color!
  • Paul said he wants to go out to dinner. I want to go to the hairdresser.
  • Hug my grandkids first. Then probably go on an RV trip. Or maybe RV to visit Grands.
  • When things get back to “normal”, I’m looking forward to not acting like things are back to normal.  I intend to be the last person to act like things are back to normal.  I’m going to let all the stupid people go first, and then I’m going to see what happens to them. But if you want a specific answer, I will say being able to eat inside the Windjammer Restaurant in Somers Point.
  • Captivity might be great for cats, but not people   I can’t wait to get a hold of the kids, big & little & then see the rest of my family & friends.  My next choice would be a live mass.  I’ve been watching on tv, but doesn’t come close.
  •  Go on a beautiful hike and play in some water! Followed by drinks and live music!
  • First thing I want to do is get my hair cut.
  • As for me I want to sing “Great Is The Lord” and “The Hallelujah Chorus” with my choir family… not wearing a face mask!!
  • Go out to dinner with our son & Daughter-in-law and friends.
  • Go to the beach with my family.

Looking forward to learning the first thing You’ll do when things go back to “normal”?

Thanks for reading. Stay safe!

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