I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. This year, we traveled to the Northeast to spend the holiday with our families. We had a great time and were fortunate to spend quality time with everyone.

Unfortunately, I came back with a bad chest cold. After doing a home test for COVID and testing negative, I treated my cold with fluids, cough drops, cough medicine, and rest. However, after eight days, I was still hacking away, so I went to an urgent Care Center at Cleveland Clinic to be seen by a doctor.

After waiting an hour, as the doctor had just gone on his dinner break, I was seen by a doctor who said that although my lungs were clear, and he thought I ‘just had a cold,’ he was going to start on antibiotics, a steroid and nasal spray.

He said he did not want the cough to become pneumonia as I was an older patient (ouch). He said to return in a few days if I was not better.

I started the medication and am feeling better. The experience made us realize that a cold at 40 or 50 is different when someone is 65 or older! I was glad the doctor was looking out for me, and I hope I stop hacking soon!

Stay well, everyone!


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