Last week I had a colonoscopy at Cleveland Clinic Florida Outpatient Department. I am glad to report that the System Worked and I had a good experience!

Here are the highlights!

After I registered and waited for 20 minutes, I was brought back to the back by Kathleen, who said she would be my nurse and was going to get me ready for the procedure. She was pleasant and did everything she could to put me at ease as she went through a list of questions and placed my IV.

She told me where she was from and the various roles she played throughout her nursing career. I told her I was also a nurse and went over where I had worked. I heard her talking to other patients and the staff, and she seemed to bring out the best in everyone. It was nice to see everyone working together and enjoying their job.

When it was my turn, Kathleen took me to the procedure room. I was shocked to see how many people were in there waiting for me. Each person has their job to do. I was impressed when someone asked everyone to stop what they were doing. They then went through a check list and then the person leading the process asked me my name, DOB, and what I was there for. Once I confirmed who I was and what I was there for, the nurse anesthetist asked me if I was ready to start. I told her yes, and she began to give me the medication.

The next thing Kathleen was waking me up and that the procedure was over. My nurse told me everything went well. There were no polyps. The doctor came by and said everything was good, and he would see me in 10 years!

This was my second colonoscopy. Like the first, I was nervous but was pleasantly surprised to have a good experience and that the process works!

Have a good week!




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