Mother nature showed its fury with snow up and down the eastern seaboard this past weekend. I live in Fort Lauderdale, and it has been cooler than usual since Christmas. Most of us take the weather in stride. We dress warm and do our best to clear the snow, so we are safe when we leave our homes. Most of us are just trying to do our best to make it till spring.

Many people have no choice to take the cold weather in stride, and they are the homeless. I was recently asked to help a colleague who had a patient whose apartment caught fire, leaving the apartment unlivable. As a result, this 74 -year old man, his 75-year-old wife, and 13-year-old granddaughter were homeless.

Finding affordable housing in most cities is a challenge. If you have been following the real estate market, you know apartments are scarce, and prices are high.

My patient and his family use what money they have to stay in low-cost hotels as they work through a complex and challenging system.

I called the various organizations that provided homeless resources but was told repeatedly they didn’t have any openings. COVID has made congregate living hard, and the rise in prices has made finding affordable housing scarce.

Take time to investigate the resources in your area. Get to know what help is needed and see if you can put a project together to donate clothes, furniture, shoes, socks, underwear for men, women, and children. Furniture and food are also in need in places that help the homeless.

Thanks for reading this week’s Nurse Advocate Blog Post. Say a prayer for my patient that he and his family get a break.






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